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02079530331 – see direct numbers under employees

E-mail – see direct numbers under employees

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We recommend that you call before 5 p.m. and talk to our ordinary staff.

Adress Ltd.
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place,
Bloomsbury, WC1H 9BB

Please state attention person on all shipments! Ltd

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Danske Bank London

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301281 35006788



About is owned by the danish print company A/S and is one of Scandinavians biggest printing companys with more than 50.000 customers.

As an english customer you wont notice any difference in using us compared to a local print shop. We got english post code, adresse, phone number, bank account, homepage, and english speaking personal.

Even when the production is in Denmark, you will recieve a local, english package, were the extra fees are already paid for.

Buying our printed matters is exactly the same as shopping at your local print shop, but with international prices.

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If you have any doubts, we can be reached at customer service on or tel. (+45) 87 303 403
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If we do not send your print on time, the printed matter will be offered free of charge, maximum £150 and excluding freight.

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Vi kan desværre ikke garantere at leveringstiden overholdes, hvis der er meget tryksværte på din tryksag, da det kræver en forlænget tørretid. Du kan sikre dig at dette produkt sendes på 1 arbejdsdag ved at vælge vandlak eller bestrøget papir.
On this page, you can see your prices after discount is deducted.

Be aware that some special products not covered by our general discounts. These are:
• Packaging

• Regular offset print

Special Figured deals
In addition, there is no discount on custom-figured deals.

If in doubt, we sit ready to help at

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If you need more information, we’re ready
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Customer Service Manager
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Bloomsbury, WC1H 9BB.

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You can contact us at or tel. 02079530331.

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Ronni Thing,
Customer Service Manager
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Bloomsbury, WC1H 9BB.